How to get rid of inner thigh fat

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Some useful tips to get back into shape :

1. Always try to wake up early in the morning. Go for a small walk or a jog in your neighborhood. Going for a walk or a jog early in the morning is very helpful in getting back into shape. A 30-40 minute walk or a jog helps in burning a lot of calories and keep you active throughout the day. You feel active the whole day. I f walking seems boring, try it along with listening to some music on your phone while going for a walk.
2. You should always try to drink as much water as you can. Water is a great intoxicant. It absorbs all the bad and intoxicant stuff from our body and excretes it out of our body. Water also helps in maintaining body temperature. To remain hydrated also gives you a healthy skin.
3. Try some exercises early in the morning. You should always try to do some small exercises in the morning. To start with you can do simple stretching exercises, some jumping jacks, touching down your feet, light bench presses, some pull ups and pushups. A little kickboxing for 10-15 minutes can also help in burning a lot of calories.
4. Eat a health breakfast. You should always try to eat some healthy breakfast. Try to avoud high calorie stuff. Eat some good fibre, salads, little carbs and proteins. Also drink a glass of milk daily, it helps in growth of bones. Avoid oily food as much as you can.
5. Practising yoga. Morning is the best time to practice yoga. Yoga helps in calming your nerves, helps in focusing. Meditation by the way of yoga is the best exercise. There are many different yoga exercises, you can start by simple inhaling and exhaling of air, deep breathing exercises etc.
6. When you are at work try to minimize the use of elevators. Instead use staircases, it will keep ypu fit and active and will also help in burning excess calories.
7. Socialise with everyone at work. Talk with as much people as you can during work, this will keep you happy and active and talking stimulates mind and body and will feel hapy throughout the day.
8. Avoid sugar and sweets during breaks. Sugar do increase anxiety. Try to avoid sweets as much as you can.
9. Go for a cycling in the morning if you can. Cycling is one of the best ways to get back into shape. Other than cycling you can also go for a swimming or gymnastics.
10. Avoid bad habits like smoking or drinking. Try to avoid these things as much as you can.
11. Take ample amount of sleep during night. Sleep helps in refreshing the brain and keeps you active. If you sleep less you generally feel lazy throughout the next day.
12. Drink fresh juice everyday to keep yourself healthy and glowing.
13. Eat organic fruits and vegetables instead of those produced inorganically.
14. Eat fruits that help in digestion like papaya, water melon etc.
15. Take a break from work, it is always helpful to take a break from work. Take a little break, and talk to your friends or colleagues, it relaxes you and makes you feel fresh.
16. Don't spend too much time in front of computers. If you start feeling itchy in your eyes, when working on computer, it is always better to take a break.
17. Don't remain in one sitting position during the work. Always keep moving and go for a walk every few minutes, it will help you remain active.